Friday, 4 March 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (69)

This post is an addition to Higgs boson magnetism collection; I think that this collection has no end to be completed, and that’s why in this post I am showing some of Higgs boson magnetism role in the change in our life on earth. Higgs boson magnetism is making so many changes in natural phenomena such as climate, chemical interactions in our universe and animals and human being behaviour.

Firenadoes are a scene which shouldn’t be ignored and it has to be added to Higgs boson work; the world is seeing this scene more frequently and it’s causes are provoked by the spinning quarks in the atmosphere; these last are making winds to rotate perfectly and pulled into the sky, and this is whats making fire spinning as well and pulled into the sky higher and higher. I think that firenadoes will be seen in many countries and especially America, Australia and India.

Very strong winds are also the work of Higgs boson magnetism; because of quarks submission which are the source of winds and due to their participation to Higgs boson magnetic particles waves they are able to pull winds to their highest magnitude. I am sure that the world is seeing records in winds’ speed and from now up winds will become stronger and stronger. Higgs boson slow down also has an important role in winds speed increase and this is because of soustraction formula increase from (-1, +1) to (-2, +2).

Higgs boson magnetism influence on planets’ shape is at process; most of planets are changing their shape from (π) shape to oval one. The egg shape will be obvious on most planets even on the sun’s shape; because of the fact of pulling by Higgs boson magnetism; planets’ particles are directed towards the horizontal axe, and this process is facilitated by the increase of heat in our universe.

My conclusion to this post has to be short and convincing; many scenes of Higgs boson magnetism are obvious and nobody can ignore them.    
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