Saturday, 26 March 2016

Higgs Boson Normalization (05)

My complain to professionals in all kind of sciences is still open in order to be entitled with Higgs boson discovery; here I am sending a clear message to specialists those whom are decision makers and with heard voice to say loudly a word of truth; a truth concerning Higgs

boson discovery, and I am sure that they have unlimited alibis to raise Higgs boson subject to higher levels of discussions in Media, conferences and universities. In today’s post my interest is to put the light on how Higgs boson subject could be treated as the most important subject in the actual circumstances.

By looking at my evidences of discovery to Higgs boson and my arguments no one has the power to stand against them because these evidences are reality it self; and soustraction is occurring everywhere and Medias are talking about it’s results without noticing that the real facts of the new phenomena are consequences born due to Higgs boson experiment. I think that by linking many scientific news to Higgs boson discovery should be accepted and proofs are there and they are explained in this blog in so many occasions. My demands are acceptable and reasonable and their target is simply to achieve recognition of a discovery.

Normalizing Higgs boson discovery has to be taken seriously because everyone in the world has to know about the reality of whats occurring on planet earth and in our universe. The normalization which I am talking about is to accept me as Higgs boson discoverer and also to accept Higgs boson experiments and their results. I think that in particle physics everything should be accepted and normalized because human beings are still so far to the reality of particle physics and accepting me as Higgs boson man is reality because no one on planet earth can explain Higgs boson as I am doing.

Higgs boson normalization is also bringing Higgs boson discovery to universities, schools and colleges and making the contents of this blog available to students through legal channels, I mean by this legalization of new concepts to be analyzed, studied and understood because the future is leading us to a new era of life. Everything is in total change from agriculture, electronics, natural phenomena, economy, education, social behaviour, and the style of life; this change is at it’s beginning and it has to be understood soon and not later, so the integration of Higgs boson discovery is an obligation to face all kind of challenges provoked by Higgs boson experiment.

I would like to conclude this post by reminding you that Higgs boson discovery is already made and put under experiment and it’s results are seen everywhere, rest to the world to recognize it and make out the best of it.
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