Saturday, 5 March 2016

Higgs Boson Insurrection (30)

My inspiration is pushing me to go deep inside seas and oceans to investigate many causes of dead fish and fish migration around the world. I am very happy to show many proofs to Higgs boson experiment and it’s results on planet earth. In this post chemical interactions under the seas and oceans are having the whole piece of cake.

Volcanoes interruption under the seas and oceans bottom are increasing hugely and they are affecting the seawater in many ways; firstly they are warming seawater to deprive fish from oxygen and increasing enormously the carbon atom, and secondly they are ejecting big quantities of sulphur and this is what makes the formation of sulphur carbonate very apparent to make fish escaping from an area to another and to exterminate most of it.

Fish death is one of the strongest proofs of Higgs boson experiment; and methane combustion under the bottom of the sea is occurring because of some causes provoked by this experiment and these causes are: Higgs boson magnetism pulling to particles under the seabed, quarks interaction with particles under the seabed, bottom of earth warming due to the excessive chemical interactions and alpha particles interaction with the seabed particles; all these causes are making methane evaporate and forming pots inside the sea and this is whats makes ready poison to kill fish.

Fish is surprised by cold sea current or hot one to get obliged to retreat to colder areas or warmers ones or even to seashores to face death; sea current is one of Higgs boson magnetism sharp arms to make real change to seawaters in their temperature and particles density such as salt.

Concluding this post by an appeal to all fishery ministries in the world to come out with their numbers of dead fish from 2013; then everybody will be surprised about Higgs boson experiment extermination to fish in seas and oceans.       
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