Saturday, 21 February 2015

Higgs Boson Bricks

Higgs boson bricks are building blocks used by Higgs boson to rebuild new shapes of atoms and molecules; these building blocks are produced from the recycled decomposed atoms and molecules during our universe travel back. This post comes as a huge relief to the world population to not to panic and to not to stress from Higgs boson renovation to our planet earth because Higgs boson generosity is unlimited by rebuilding new coordinates; these coordinates are seen in many places and I would like to bring five of them for your attention.

The first magnificent and extraordinary rebuilt coordinate by Higgs boson is stars; I know that this coordinate is unbelievable but its true, during our universe travel back almost all known stars will disappear and after this phenomenon another occurs to make new ones to appear; this is simply happen because Higgs boson mechanism works under the formula of (-1, +1).

The second rebuilt coordinate by Higgs boson is volcanoes; Higgs boson can make volcanoes to form anywhere in the world by using it’s electromagnetism to move magma under the earth from an area to another and by doing so simply magma get accumulated on the surface of earth and finish by building volcanoes. I think that the world will see the appearance of new volcanoes shortly in any corner of planet earth.

The third rebuilt coordinate by Higgs boson is earthquakes; earthquakes of the new era of life  are different from the known earthquakes; they are stronger, numerous and they occur in different areas than the known areas. Higgs boson electromagnetism of the first universe is pulling planet earth back and that makes earthquakes essential to the reshape of Geography.

The fourth rebuilt coordinate by Higgs boson is equinox; the moon has nothing to do with the new shape of equinox because its the earth’s orbit which is getting wider due to it’s travel back that means that the equinox dates will go back and that’s what we are seeing today. The equinox on the (21) February instead of the (20) of March, and this is simply an undiscussable proof to my discovery to Higgs boson.

The last rebuilt coordinate by Higgs boson is clouds; clouds of the new era have a new shape, a new speed and a new condensation; they are built on (1 + 1) similarly to Quarks assumption. I am sure that the coordinate of clouds has more explanation in “Higgs Boson Clouds” post.

I think that rebuilt coordinates by Higgs boson will be seen everywhere from a single atom or molecule to the whole universe, rest to us to discover them and to understand their mechanisms how they work.
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