Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (1)

This post comes as general information looking at the critical moments of Higgs boson discovery. Its the sixth year birthday from the time when Rugosa corals were hunted accidentally and by surprise; this was miraculously a chance by hair. The first stony
Rugosa corals came to me in a vision then single ones were collected in a very short time and their disappearance was just in (72) hours. What can a treasure hunter do with Rugosa corals? I think nothing except leaving them in a basket for a while, and suddenly a vision of comparison of stoney Rugosa corals and single ones came to mind to inspire the idea of mass and energy. The anatomy of Rugosa corals was a curiosity attracting; their round shape reflecting a golden ration and their digged borders give inspiration of a bear walking on the snow.

A big sonorization occurred when Rugosa corals were put inside a container of water and some organic materials; that was the moment of deep understanding of Rugosa corals interactions, and then many experiments followed to get different results of substrates on the surface of water, until one day the mother of experiments arrived with Faraday laws of electricity to give birth to a sense of a real scientific experiment.

A true Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECS) was created to produce a High Temperature Superconductor, then other experiments followed with an objective of understanding and analyzing the beginning of life; the most attracting experiment is the one which gave birth to a small shrimp and that was the best achievement which can be seen by the naked eye. Also the achievement of the appearance of a kind of an Iceland on the surface of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECS) shouldn't be underestimated; that was Majorana fermions which the world is still looking for.

My intention wasn't to move clouds in a rotational way, or to change winds direction and even not to create heavy rains, but it was a curiosity about the beginning of life after that all the experiments on Rugosa corals were made to compare the changes in the global weather system. An idea which shouldn't be dismissed; is when quarks are lunched they make a change in the global weather system simultaneously and it is at this point where clouds movement was analysed through satellites observation.

Higgs boson stagnation must come to an end otherwise human beings will face huge challenges which no one can afford their consequences, this stagnation which I am talking about is just a few jars and a few bottles where dark matter is stocked, and until today no one in the world asked me about the possibility of looking at Higgs boson experiment seriously in spite of all the writings in this blog. Let me tell you that all solutions are dead and there is no choice to go back to the old era of life which ended in 2012.

I am not weakened by everyone’s ignorance to my writing, in contradictory that made me stronger to look deeper in Higgs boson experiments. My duty now is to continue following these experiments and bring you their news when they come up.
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