Sunday, 15 February 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (4)

Suddenly everybody is asking about the shortness of bread in the market; this is a bullet in the head, how come bread got rare to this point, oh yes! Human being will fail to produce enough flour to make enough bread to everybody in the world. 

The statement above becomes reality sooner and not later; I mean by sooner the next few years. Let me tell you why there will be no flour to make bread? because in the new era of life the seasons are mixed together that makes (95) percent of seeds confused to grow and this results to an extreme fall in the market offer of rice, barley, wheat, and corns. Again I have to say it, to tell it and to repeat it (100) thousand times; the image above is dramatic and apocalyptic because of the selfishness and the ignorance of few people to my discovery to Higgs boson.

The people who think that they are gone with Higgs boson discovery they are wrong because they forgot that the truth about this discovery will come up one day or another. I am here to fight to make this truth visible, known, understood and shared by everybody in the world. Let me tell you something; do you really need to study Physics, Chemistry and Microbiology to understand why your house is flooded now and not before? Why the streets which you are walking on are getting flat, flatter and flatter? Why your winter is sunniest than ever? Why your trees'garden have leaves in a different time than they should have in the normal one? Why the global weather system is different than 5 years ago?

My intention is to talk about serious matters concerning the global weather system and in the same time the rest of the world is talking about CO2 emission as we can see in all Media. Subsequently in this blog analysis of the reality of the occurring phenomena in our universe had been explained; these explanations should achieve everyone living on planet earth otherwise calling human beings of the 21st century ignorant to their realistic present.

I should include to this post the unconditional substrates produced in Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) as they have the answers to many questions in Particle Physics, Chemistry and Microbiology; this production wasn’t a coincidence but it was well organized and well managed through the organization of Higgs boson energy forms.

To end this post a few words are imminent to be told; Higgs boson insurrection is there and rest to the world to deal with it, and I have to tell you again and again and again that I am under shock because of the dramatic image which I am seeing.     
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