Monday, 2 February 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (13-4)

In this post I am interested to bring some effects concerning the Sahara sand, and what are they the causes of it’s travelling thousands of miles away towards both poles directions? Also sand winds are a serious syndication which has real damaging consequences. I would like to show you five scenes of Sahara wind travel and it’s effects on areas which comes on.

The first scene of Sahara wind is temperature; Sahara wind is more than warm; its hot and sometimes hotter, in our new era of life Sahara wind can travel miles and miles away without loosing their temperature, and it’s effect is so huge when it arrives in cold areas. With the difference between cold materials and hot wind the cracks are likely the main issue created. Also damage to biologic cells could be done.

The second scene of Sahara wind is desert storms; the desert storms are likely to occur often because of the size of low depressions. During the last (12) months the size of these low depressions started from Arctic to North Mali that makes desert storms travelling up north to Norway. The effect of desert storms is to transport the sand particles to north the planet. 
The third scene of Sahara wind is particles exacerbation; particles exacerbation is a mixture of sand particles such as mica particles, sodium particles and calcite particles with any material or living organism. Sahara wind option is to spread particles on clean areas to become contaminated such areas; lakes’ water, rivers and whole towns.

The fourth scene of Sahara wind is desertification; desertification is already known phenomenon but in the new era of life it has a big effect on northern towns and cities.

The last scene of Sahara wind is amplification; winds amplification is a new phenomenon which is occurring at the present. Winds are similarly to rivers’ streams; the more streams there are the more water is in the rivers. Sahara winds are joining the northern jet winds streams to make them bigger, larger and stronger.

To close this post an image of huge green areas changed colour to yellow should be remembered, and also we should remember that Sahara has it’s words in the new era of life.  
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