Sunday, 8 February 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (3)

This post is morally inspected in order to not to harm any ones’ competition in making experiments on Higgs boson, as we seen in earlier posts that Higgs boson subject is too wide and in this post we will look at few points which have big interest to look at.

The first point of interest to look at is winds of the new era of life; winds are becoming stronger and they are holding longer, as we already know that winds have a great influence on clouds direction and concentration which makes heavy rain and heavy snow. Also winds are particles carrier especially sand particles which make them changing new areas to have a new look. Winds magnitude could be regulated and managed through Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); this process is known as Higgs boson manipulation.

The second point of interest to look at is ice jams of the new era of life; ice jams is a phenomenon which could be regulated and managed through Higgs boson energy forms inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); the North Pole clouds could be intrigued and displaced by the creation of huge low depressions in the North Atlantic that makes the displacement of vortices further south possible. Once vortices are moved south they make ice jams likely to occur for long time.

The third point of interest to look at is the sun’s heat; the sun’s heat is the most effective phenomenon of the new era of life; we already know that phonons interact with anti particles that make the change in planet earth chemical composition to be speeded up. The most significant change is water extraction, Carbon diminution and Sulphur high density in the atmosphere.

The last point of interest to look at is the high tides; high tides are already a serious issue to many coastal cities because the seas are rising due to three elements which are; North Pole ice melting, water molecule extraction and quarks submission. I think that week after week we can see that the land is loosing it’s battle against the sea and coastal towns will have only one solution which is evacuation, my imagination to this scene will be real in short term which is three years at most.

My conclusion is to telling you about what it has been said above about the points of interest to look at is not an imagination but its reality and truth. To close this post I would like to include a picture of interest which is a huge high depression never seen in human history.
The picture above is from BBC    
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