Monday, 2 February 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (13-5)

My opinion has to be taken seriously because I am seeing lowlands where water accumulates as an impressive syndication. This post has a Geochemistry and a Geophysics flavour in which I found a necessity to talk about; I think that to have a deep vision of lowlands occurrence is essential to expose five causes which are manufacturing the right conditions to lowlands to appear.

The first cause of lowlands appearance is soil deterioration; simply soil deteriorates because of it’s interaction with quarks high density; this interaction is built on (+1, -1) that means that (+1) submitted quark into the atmosphere is symmetrically equal to (-1) in soil, the result of this interaction is the diminution in soil atoms density; atoms loose electrons, protons and neutrons to become less dense and this leads to the appearance of lowlands, the picture below ha an explanation to this situation.
The second cause of lowlands appearance is pure Physics; the freed bosons from the degrading soil atoms manage to travel under the soil to create empty spaces; these last allow the soil to sleep further down. I would like to add the picture below to show how lowland look like.

The third cause of lowlands appearance is due to the changes in temperature; the rise in temperature has a direct influence on soil chemicals to interact with each other; a good example of soil chemicals interaction is chalk interaction; the rising in chalk temperature makes it ready to absorb more water and to become flat. The picture below is showing flatted chalk where water accumulates.

The fourth cause of lowlands appearance is heat; the sun’s heat makes the soil particles interact with photons to decay into lower state of energy, as we already know that the sun is shining most of the year; it’s heat is an influential element to make soil decaying possible and to form lowlands. The picture below is showing how lowlands can become bigger and bigger.

The last cause of lowlands appearance is frost; it is obvious that materials get bigger volume once frozen; this state of materials makes them decaying once defrosted, it is similarly to soil; it becomes weaker and flat because of the frost and by this it allows debris and water to accumulate on it. 

To close this post rest to me to remind you that lowlands have to have a solution; this solution is to stop Higgs boson experiment, otherwise big cities will turn into lowlands.
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