Thursday, 12 February 2015

Higgs Boson Syndication (13-7)

In this post I am interested to talk about snow as a serious syndication which has special conditioning in the new era of life. Snow of the new era of life is different from the known normal snow due to the change in the global weather system; there are many conditions which are making snow as a not appreciated subordination by humans around the world. Let’s talking about the causes of peoples’ rejection to snow, and I think that I can bring you five causes of this rejection to snow.

The first cause of rejection to snow by people is heavy snow; generally heavy snow causes perturbation to all kind of transport; this perturbation makes people unhappy because of the delay to their work, to their business opportunities or simply to their appointments.

The second cause of rejection to snow by people is the melted snow; in the new weather system snow could be melted very fast due to the warm winds direction; we have seen in an earlier syndication that warm air is pushed north in a sinusoidal wave shape that makes the snow melting faster, also the heavy rain and the sun’s heat which follow the snow quicker to melt it. The fast melting snow most of the time causes floods that makes people upset about it’s visits.

The third cause of rejection to snow by people is roofs' collapses; what we are seeing around the world is records of falling snow; the heaviest the snow is the more roofs' collapses are likely to occur. I think that the northern part of planet earth will assist roofs' collapses more frequently because of snow.

The fourth cause of rejection to snow by people is snow accumulation; snow accumulates up to three meters when lakes effect snow occurs; many coastal town will assist snow accumulation due to the passing cold air on warm waters; this phenomenon will have serious impacts on peoples’ life such as damage to their homes, buildings, and streets. What is interesting to know about snow accumulation is it’s repetitions during many months.

The last cause of rejection to snow by people is soil defragmentation; snow is one of the most influential phenomena to make soil defragmented. I am sure when agricultural soil becomes flat; seeds can’t push up to grow; and such seeds are soya seeds, orge seeds, sesame seeds and many kind of vegetables. The shortness in the agricultural production makes people unhappy about the damage of snow.

My conclusion to this post is simple; most of the countries in the northern part of planet earth will live under frequent visits of heavy snow, and simply these visits of snow are different from the old era ones by number, quantity and consequences. 
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