Monday, 2 February 2015

Higgs Boson Fish

I am pleased to have this opportunity to write about Higgs boson fish to show and explain to my audience how many aspects of life are already integrated into Higgs boson experiment. I am willing in this post to bring five images of natural phenomena
exposing their integration into Higgs boson experiment, these images must be added to the proofs to my discovery to Higgs boson.

The first image of the change of life aspects is the trees’ growth; simply the trees’ growth is new to us as shown in the picture below. I am sure that you agree with me about many trees’ growth had integrated into a new cycle of growth which is the result of Higgs boson mechanism. Trees couldn’t have all this amount of blossoms and leaves; if not there will be no need to talk about.

The second image of the change of life aspects is Higgs boson Cumberland which is explained in “Higgs Boson Cumberland” post; the picture below is showing how a black sand accumulated in a lowland and being a nice bed to give birth to Higgs boson first generation of grasses; this aspect will be known in the future as Higgs boson Cumberland .

The third image of the change of life aspects is the spread of clouds inside a depression; the picture below is showing how clouds could be spread covering a huge area inside a depression, this image is the result of a gigantesque low depression which came up as a subordinate of quarks submission.

The fourth image of the change of life aspects is the aurora observations; aurora observations had already increased around the world depending on Higgs boson magnetism’s acceleration; the more Higgs boson magnetism’s acceleration is increased the higher auroras’ density is. Just to remind you that aurora occurrence as a physical phenomenon is build on alpha particles density in the atmosphere.
This photo provided by University of Alaska Fairbanks shows one of four NASA soundings rockets that were launched Monday, Jan.26, 2015, within a half hour into the northern lights in an effort to better understand and visualize turbulent air currents in the upper atmosphere. (AP Photo/University of Alaska Fairbanks. Todd Paris)

The last image of the change of life aspects is water accumulation on the earth’s surface; this is due to the shrinking soil because of chemical decomposition beneath the earth. I think that water accumulation in cities' streets and rural lands will be one of the main issues of the new era of life. The picture below is an example of water accumulation.

Finally, the images of the change of life aspects are occurring very fast and human beings should make a huge preparation to face these changes. My opinion is clear; the faster understanding to what it has been said in this blog the better for the future of humanity.
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