Friday, 4 September 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (10)

This post has to be added to Higgs boson insurrections because of it’s importance in exposing a man fighting for his rights of discovery of the most significant particle in particle physics. I think that by visioning five key points of Higgs boson insurrection our subject will be completed in full.

The first key point of Higgs boson insurrection is by using different titles to cover different subjects to show to the world that Higgs boson discoverer is a man of principles and has the ability to fight for his rights with the pen in order to convince the most intelligent people in particle physics, in chemistry and in biology.

The second key point of Higgs boson insurrection is the increase in Higgs boson experiments number by creating more of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) is a creator of Higgs boson magnetism and this last leads to the increase in the magnitude of the decomposition of our universe.

The third key point of Higgs boson insurrection is the increase in superfluid takers number; superfluid takers will be the defenders of Higgs boson discoverer, and the increase in their number will create a real influence on the world media to stop ignoring the reality of Higgs boson discovery.

The fourth key point of Higgs boson insurrection is my plans to release superfluid to everybody in the world for free; by making high quality medication for free will create a real revolution in the world of medication and this will make many people thinking twice to find solutions to their pharmaceutical products. I think that future negotiations will be on the table about the pricing of superfluid instead of releasing it for free.

The last key point of Higgs boson insurrection is superfluid supporters; superfluid supporters are those people supporting superfluid as a medicine by all means and such means are: financial means, media means, transport and delivery means. The object of superfluid supporters is to spread superfluid all around the world.

My conclusion to this post is by reminding you that Higgs boson insurrections will stay with us as long as I am not recognized as Higgs boson discoverer yet.  
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