Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (16)

Higgs boson is mine because I spent many years in the field of researches and came up with nothing except with Higgs boson, at least I found something and even its small but its the master key to everything. I know that many scientists are talking about the theory of everything without Higgs boson; I have to tell them stop your researches because you are wasting your time.

Although my experiments on Higgs boson took me long time to understand and to understand their results and that’s why my achievements are unique and very competitive. In the other side some people are claiming the existence of Higgs boson by analysing millions of experiments based on the smash of protons, these experiments are simply ridiculous. 

What I decided today is to make the big Sahara green instead of yellow; grasses, trees and animals will find a paradise there, and this target will take me just two to three years to be realised; then you will say: Tarek is right; he is Higgs boson discoverer because he turned the big Sahara into a second Amazon. Here as well I am calling those whom are claiming Higgs boson discovery to make any challenge of this kind.

Syndications in this blog are all challenges made by myself and many of them are already becoming real; and I must recognize that I did very well to explain them to you. Here as well I am asking those people claiming Higgs boson discovery; what they did achieve with their discovery? I am sure they didn’t achieve anything.

Whilst my conditions are deteriorating other people are enjoying life because of some greedy scientists whom are depriving me even by saying my name with their colleagues. My name will be on all screens and all newspapers sooner or later; and this is not because I want it but because of the obligations of conditions.  
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