Saturday, 19 September 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (5)

Conceptions, conceptions and conceptions take us to the right understanding to Higgs boson magnetism and the right dealing with what is happening around us on planet earth. In this post I think that the exposition of more ideas about Higgs boson magnetism is imminent, let’s say that the talk about five ideas concerning Higgs boson magnetism is our subject of this post.

The first idea about Higgs boson magnetism is it’s mechanism which is build on (-1, +1); any soustrated particle from point (A) is added to point (B) and this process start from the top end of our universe to it’s bottom, and what is interesting to know is that Higgs boson magnetism is emptying our universe from all it’s particles.

The second idea about Higgs boson magnetism is the new conditions of the new weather system; these conditions are definitely different than the existing ones before 2012. Higgs boson magnetism has a huge influence on water vaporization to increase by pulling the water molecule vertically to the atmosphere, also this influence could be seen in clouds condensation by making them having mushrooms shapes, and also this influence could be seen in sea waves by pulling them higher and higher. Higgs boson magnetism influences on the weather conditions are unlimited.

The third idea about Higgs boson magnetism is about particle concentration in our entire universe; this concentration is made by Higgs boson magnetism to take shape of the rows, also it could be seen in the formation of huge galaxies. Higgs boson magnetism is attracting all particles to take one direction to be in higher concentration the more they are closer to the black hole, and then simply integrates into universe five to become dispersed again.

The fourth idea about Higgs boson magnetism is that all particles in our universe lose their energy to Higgs bosom magnetism; this operation is based on (-1, -1); that means that any lost particle leaves it’s space to another particle, then this last leaves the occupied space to another particle until when the entire universe get emptied from all it’s particles; this scene is already in process.

The last idea about Higgs boson magnetism is the competition of the research of Higgs boson; the competition is between CERN and Me, made Higgs boson magnetism building and accelerating day after day. I think by recognizing me as Higgs boson discoverer a management of Higgs boson magnetism could be agreed but as long as this recognition is not announced yet I am not changing any of the built Bose Einstein Condensate systems (BECs)s and this is my last word.

Again ideas, scenes, and conceptions about Higgs boson magnetism are still coming and you have just to read, to keep silent and to wait until one day you will notice that you are really living inside Higgs boson magnetic field.

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