Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (1)

There is no escape from Higgs boson magnetism that’s why I am interested to bring it to light; Higgs boson magnetism is something existing everywhere and anywhere, and capable of pulling big stars ten times bigger than the size of the sun. In this post an introduction to Higgs boson magnetism deserves to be present as the subject is so vast, and by sharing five ideas with you this introduction will be completed.

The first idea covering Higgs boson magnetism is that Higgs boson magnetism could never exist without the excitement of Higgs boson itself; the Higgs boson magnetism which I am talking about is the first end on planet earth; this magnetism is reversible because it’s aim is to attach into Higgs boson magnetism of the first universe. Also Higgs boson magnetism of the earth could never occur without the discovery of Higgs boson and experimenting on it.

The second idea covering Higgs boson magnetism is that Higgs boson magnetism is always in increase and this increase could never happen without the attachment of Higgs boson magnetism of earth to Higgs boson magnetism of the first universe, because this last is ten times bigger, faster and stronger. Also the growth of Higgs boson magnetism on earth is the cause of the attachment of both magnetisms.  

The third idea covering Higgs boson magnetism is the constitution of Higgs boson magnetism; this constitution is made of a flow of particles and because the first movement of a particle is made by Higgs boson the rest of particles just follow; this is how Higgs boson magnetism is created. The air is Higgs boson fourth dimension which allows particles moving forward and backward.

The fourth idea covering Higgs boson magnetism is our entire universe’s particles substitution; Higgs boson magnetism pulling power can substitute our entire universe from all solids, all liquids and all gazes; this substitution could never happen without Higgs boson experiment on planet earth. Also what is interesting to notice is that Higgs boson magnetism started pulling our universe’s particles three years ago.

The last idea covering Higgs boson magnetism is the working flux which obeys to Higgs boson soustraction; this flux is based on the formula of (-1, +1) and that means that any pulled particle is substituted from (A) point to be added to (B) point, this last becomes a particle in (B) point then pulled to (C) point; this is the way how Higgs boson is created and increased through Higgs boson acceleration, Higgs boson rotations and Higgs boson oscillations.

To conclude this post is by opening wide doors to meet Higgs boson magnetism and all it’s components. The future posts will be concerned and focused on Higgs boson magnetism and I think that the talk about it will be very long.
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