Saturday, 19 September 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (6)

Commemorations are coming to inaugurate more volcanoes’ eruptions because Higgs boson magnetism is working in a perfect way to pull magma from the bottom of earth. In this post my interest is to share five ideas concerning Higgs boson magnetism.

The first idea concerning Higgs boson magnetism is volcanoes’ eruptions; volcanoes’ eruptions are increasing week after week and this is due Higgs boson magnetism pulling to magma from the bottom of earth. I think that the level of increase in volcanoes’ eruptions will increase as well and which will push the erupted volcanoes number very high.

The second idea concerning Higgs boson magnetism is that the manipulation of all particles in our universe becomes easy, fast and contraceptional, that means that the more time is passing the more our universe is emptying, and this manipulation is occurring without calamities.

The third idea concerning Higgs boson magnetism is that Higgs boson magnetism influence on earth could be catastrophic; because the change in the formation of planet earth human being will have no resistance to this change. Some examples of this change are: the increase in the sun’s heat, the high rising in seawater and the change in chemicals in the atmosphere. I think that humanity should wake up now and not tomorrow.

The fourth idea concerning Higgs boson magnetism is the light effects; Higgs boson magnetism is capable of dispersing the sun’s light all around the universe; that means that planet earth will have less photons and this makes the day light less brilliant than normal, and with the hope that all photons will not all disappear. My imagination to this scene is horrifying.

The last idea concerning Higgs boson magnetism is that Higgs boson is an oscillator which makes it’s mechanism of magnetism reversed that means that the travel back of all particles is possible, and the theory of our travelling back is true. I think that Higgs boson oscillations are working faster and faster to make Higgs boson magnetism increasing which leads us to a situation of deterioration day after day.

The misunderstanding to my discovery to Higgs boson will cost humanity a lot because we are living in ignorant societies to reality.       
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