Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Higgs Boson Magnetism (2)

Everybody talk about Higgs boson magnetism in the physics communities but this talk is very little and not fully understood. In this post my willing is to bring to light five examples of Higgs boson magnetism to make a good approach to explain it; these examples are from nature and they are real. I hope that my explanation will be satisfying and convincing.

The first example of Higgs boson magnetism could be seen in the sun’s heat; there is no doubt that the sun’s heat is increasing on planet earth and one of the main causes of this increase is Higgs boson magnetism. The mechanism behind this increase is Higgs boson mechanism which is built on (-1, +1). As we already know that the sun is loosing it’s energy and this is presented in (-1) energy; and the added energy from the sun to all particles in our universe is presented by (+1) energy, and Higgs boson magnetism is the transporter to this energy.

The second example of Higgs boson magnetism could be seen in the appearance of new kind of frogs; Higgs boson magnetism is a puller to old genes to rise in spite of their burring under earth. The raised old frogs’ genes find the right conditions of the new weather system to generate. I think that the world is assisting the appearance of much new kind of frogs.

The third example of Higgs boson magnetism could be seen in clouds condensation; clouds condensation is a result of Higgs boson magnetism because they are pulled to condensate very high in the sky. Clouds are substituted from huge areas to condensate in small area, and this process is manipulated with the link between Higgs boson magnetism of planet earth and Higgs boson magnetism of the first universe. The rotational magnetism is so powerful to pull many other particles as well.

The fourth example of Higgs boson magnetism could be seen in trees’ and grasses’ growth; trees and grasses are growing very fast and pushing high not only because of the new conditions of the new global weather system but also because of Higgs boson magnetism of the first universe, this magnetism is capable of pulling trees’ and grasses’ cells vertically and that makes them growing fast up to ten times longer.

The last example of Higgs boson magnetism could be seen in stars decomposition; stars are decomposing and the main cause of their decomposition is Higgs boson magnetism. Because our universe is inside Higgs boson electromagnetic field all solids loose their energy bit by bit until achieving the smallest form of energy to take direction to the existing black hole between our universe and universe five. Stars are already disappearing and the look of our universe is already changing.

Finally; my conception to Higgs boson magnetism is very vast and the talk about it will stay another few years. I am making sure that my provision to a new knowledge will stay activated.  
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