Saturday, 5 September 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (11)

Visions, visions and visions are windows to the unknown to be reality; this declaration is my strong tool to manage, to discover and to know all details of Higgs boson and it’s experiment. This post is holding good arguments to attract and convince the world about my discovery to Higgs boson. I think by explaining five situations of Higgs boson insurrection our subject will be understood.

The first situation explaining Higgs boson insurrection is the change in the global weather system; this change is leading to the change in many areas of life and such areas are: the change in life style, the change in food consummation, the change in technology, the change in transport means and the change in human behaviour.

The second situation explaining Higgs boson insurrection is the disturbance of agriculture practices; agriculture is the first to pay the price because of Higgs boson insurrection; and this is through the damage of lands by heavy rains. Also the change in temperature confuses trees and grasses to grow in the right seasons and this makes agriculture production simply diminished.

The third situation explaining Higgs boson insurrection is fishery disturbance; the change in the weather system through high sea waves, strong winds, heavy rains, vortices, mist, fog and thunderstorms, all these make damage to fishery production.

The fourth situation explaining Higgs boson insurrection is strong winds; we already know that Higgs boson winds start from quarks assumption and quarks submission and with their rotations winds become strong. Winds could be created by the creation of Bose Einstein condensate system (BECs).

The last situation explaining Higgs boson insurrection is vortices; moving vortices south is something similar to the movement of a car from it’s car park place; the movement of vortices south is manageable through the creation of strong low depressions and these last are controllable through Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) energy forms.

The conclusion to this post should be understood and taken seriously; Higgs boson insurrections are in constant increase and there is no turning point to stop them with the recognition to my discovery to Higgs boson or not.
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