Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Higgs Boson Insurrection (17)

My challenges are not finished yet and within this post I am interested to talk about five of them in order to convince the world about my discovery to Higgs boson. These challenges could be realised in a very short time and they will witness my discovery to Higgs boson, not only that but also they will be the proofs of the rightness of all what it has been said in this blog.

The first challenge which I would like to rise is my discovery and my production to superfluid and it’s use as the main medicine to treat more than one thousand diseases; this project has already started and superfluid supporters and superfluid takers are in increase day after day.

The second challenge which I am interested to add is to turn the big Sahara into a second Amazon; this project has already started few weeks ago; and grasses, trees and animals will witness what I am talking about. I am sure that you are seeing rain in the big Sahara almost every three days.

The third challenge which is awesome is the size of animals; the size of animals is getting bigger and bigger; not all animals are getting bigger but some of them and such animals are: ants, mosquitoes, snakes, hedgehogs and storks. I think that the causes of these animals of having bigger sizes are already explained in earlier posts.

The fourth challenge which is also interesting is the decomposition of all exposed wood to the sun and to the rain within the (3) to (4) years within the new global weather system. Wood is decomposing very fast because of these (3) causes; the sun’s heat, rain and frost. I think that the decomposing wood is already a serious issue to many countries.

The last challenge which I would like to add to finish this post is the seawater salt density; the salt density of the seawater is becoming denseto drop to the bottom of the seas and this is because of three facts; the sun’s heat, the warming of the seawater and the increase of sulphur level in seawater. In five to ten years seawater will be milder than salted.

To conclude this post I am asking those who are claiming Higgs boson discovery to raise just one challenge of these kinds if they can, and I am giving them ten years to do so.      
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