Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Higgs Boson Insurrection (23)

What can I say? The global weather system is in total anarchy and seven billions people on planet earth are just watching without true understanding to thousands of new phenomena. I am really interested to raise awareness about the change in the global weather system; and make sure that the nearest future is holding with it serious consequences on human life in all it’s different matters such as technology, agriculture, economy and culture.

The insurrection which I am talking about is made by Higgs boson work inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); this work is presented in the production of a bio-nuclear energy which is bringing the global weather system into anarchy; and this last is only a go back in the natural history. Everything has taken a turning way to end into the starting point, and I am sure that human beings have no power at all to fix this around turning and bring it back to normal.

Please tell me how can you stop heat waves to travel to the North Pole? How can you stop vortices to travel further and further south? How can you stop heavy rain to cause floods? How can you stop new volcanoes to erect? How can you stop seas and oceans to rise their temperature? How can you stop the death of fish, of birds, of trees and grasses, and the death of lions? How can you stop the rise of temperature on planet earth? How can you stop the increase of the sun’s heat? How can you stop the widening of planet earth’s orbit? How can you stop the growth of exotic particles? How can you stop the growth of new viruses and new bacteria? How can you stop red sulphuric rains? How can you stop the rise of seas and oceans? How can you stop the increase of earthquakes? How can you stop lakes effects? How can you stop pineapple expresses? How can you stop the increase of powerful tornadoes? How can you stop avalanches to occur? How can you stop stronger and stronger winds? How can you stop mass animals death? And finally how can you stop our universe from travelling back?

I am sure that nobody on earth can stop Higgs boson insurrection except it’s discoverer, because this last is the most knowledgeable man of Higgs boson and it’s work on earth, and because he is the discoverer of the true Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs). I am ready to cooperate with humanity with one condition; to be recognized as Higgs boson discoverer and to get all the rights of discovery.   
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