Saturday, 20 February 2016

Higgs Boson Insurrection (25)

Higgs boson insurrections are unlimited because they are simply the proofs of the theory of everything. My interest to write this post is to ring the bell of an alarming situation of which our universe is assisting, and planet earth is just a small particle inside this situation. 

Soustraction is the mean to decompose everything to it’s lowest energy form then Higgs boson is the locomotive to swallow this everything to the bottom of our universe, and inflation is the unavoidable stage to the integration of our universe into universe five.

My conclusion to Higgs boson experiment is to put our world to it’s end because during the last five years Higgs boson experiments were so numerous to put enough energy to pull everything back to it’s starting point. I think that the theory of the end of our universe should be understood in this manner and only in this manner because there is no other theory explaining this end.

The world is still in it’s big sleep in spite of all the big obvious changes on planet earth; these changes are made by Higgs boson experiments. Never mind I would like to remind you about Ebola virus, Zika virus, Flux Bird virus, sinkholes, rivers' burst, lakes' effects, heat waves, desertification, and sand storms; all these phenomena are in constant increase and from now up their intensity should be taken seriously.

Another interesting point of Higgs boson insurrection should be addressed to the world and which is the water accumulation in the atmosphere; water formation and water extraction are in their highest level ever, this water accumulation will cause so many problems to biologic organisms and human being technologies; many cells will not support the excessive presence of water and end by dying, and also electronic communication will be interrupt due to the water integration into them. I think that many lands will be over irrigated especially in the northern part of planet earth.

Higgs boson insurrections are accumulating to deteriorate our universe formation and rest to us to wait and see how Higgs boson discoverer experiments are true and real.
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