Monday, 22 February 2016

Higgs Boson Monitochs (17)

As promised I am back with Higgs boson monitochs’ function as they are the actual most important subject which the world is still ignoring. In this post I would like to talk about five of monitochs’ functions in order to put the light on what is really happening in our universe. Also just to remind you about what is remaining of monitochs’ functions will take me so long to explain.

The first of monitochs’ functions is their ability to increase the volume of water molecule; the water molecule is so important in the second stage of the new era of life because it’s volume is increasing due to monitochs formation to bigger subatomic particles; these particles are making protons, neutrons and electrons larger than normal, and this is what is making bigger hydrogen atom to make the water molecule in higher volume, this situation is leading to a domination of water on planet earth.

The second of monitochs’ functions is to build chains of subatomic particles interactions; monitochs are capable of linking so many subatomic particles to interact with each other; these interactions are the foundations to many new kind of chemicals to build, I think that such chemicals are found under the sea bottom.

The third of monitochs’ functions is to build huge molecules; monitochs are the source of inflation inside all particles and by these last atoms take greater shapes to form huge molecules. I think that the world will see new kind of molecules which have big size.

The fourth of monitochs’ functions is to build a concasser; the concasser which I am talking about exists in our universe, and monitochs are making it’s holes smaller and smaller by their integration to it’s cables, because our universe is made by these crossed cables which are made of monitochs.

The last of monitochs’ functions is to manipulate the global weather system; monitochs are energy carriers and this means that they can carry with them heat, winds and clouds. As we can see around the world that this function is doing it’s work. I think that monitochs are changing the global weather system to a new one.

I would like to end this post by asking meteorologists to change their perception to the global weather system and update their knowledge and their understanding to the weather phenomena.
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