Monday, 8 February 2016

Higgs Boson Monitochs (07)

My conception to monitochs is so vast and to cover their functions it will take of me so long. In this post I am interested to talk about five functions of monitochs inside matter formation. Because monitochs are sub sub-atomic particles their functions should be attested as theoretical, and I think that the achievement of an observation of monitochs’ functions technologies should be innovated through the use of my technique of production to the High Temperature Superconductor.

The first function of monitochs is the substitution of energy; monitochs are energy absorbents, and this means that they are capable of changing matter from it’s natural state to a lower form of energy. A good example of monitochs’ substitution to energy in reality is chalk decomposition which is seen in many countries such as the UK and China.

The second function of monitochs is energy transfer from one state to another; once energy is absorbed by monitochs it becomes under their manipulation to appear in a new form. The transfer of energy by monitochs is occurring in reality due to the extensive experiments on Higgs boson and one of the results which is proving this statement is the accumulation of the water molecule in the sky. Monitochs are transferring many states of matter to water to occupy more space in the sky.

The third function of monitochs is to increase heat on planet earth; monitochs increase in number on planet earth makes their interaction with matter increased each second and this is whats making the increase of temperature on planet earth imminent. Nobody can ignore that temperature on planet earth achieved a historical record in 2015.

The fourth function of monitochs is to penetrate supercomputers and interact with their data; data inside supercomputers in under treat of disappearance because of it’s interaction with monitochs. A good example of the disappearance of data inside supercomputers is the missing data of images of the meteorological web sites such as “accuweather”.

The last function of monitochs is to create new biological forms; I am sure that the appearance of many biological forms of matter is real and so many examples are present to prove this statement, and such biological forms of matter are: miniscule frogs, new kind of mosquitoes, new kind of viruses and bacteria, new kind of insects and new kind of chemicals such as oxygen six (O6).

I am sure that I will come back with new posts explaining monitochs’ functions on our planet earth, and my advice to the world is to prepare for the new challenges of the new life.  
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