Sunday, 14 February 2016

Higgs Boson Monitochs (12)

My explanation to monitochs is an image of inspiration made of a very deep imagination in order to bring a clear and understandable meaning to monitochs’ functions. I think that in this post talking about five of monitochs’ functions is a great idea to recognize Higgs boson experiment results inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) as an image of reflection to the reality of interactions occurring in our universe.

The first of monitochs’ function is to build exotic particles; exotic particles could never be built without the presence of monitochs in the atmosphere, and monitochs presence in the atmosphere could never happen without Higgs boson experiment. Exotic particles are (10) to (100) times bigger than the known particles and their construction couldn't be missed by the present existing technologies of observation. The existence of exotic particles will be witnessed by scientists very soon and this is what will bring strong proofs to my discovery to Higgs boson.

The second of monitochs’ function is to build new kind of genes; the appearance of many kinds of creatures such as insects, viruses and bacteria is only a proof of monitochs creation to new kind of genes. Because monitochs are absorbents of energy and also energy givers they are able to manipulate new forms of genes to give birth to new creatures.

The third of monitochs’ function is to form (A)s of alpha particles; as we already know that alpha particles are life givers, and their increase in the atmosphere due to monitochs’ speed to form them makes life changing very fast. The combination of alpha particles and Higgs boson magnetism pulling back makes our universe travel back imminent.

The fourth of monitochs’ function is to create new forms of electrons; because monitochs are the block builders of quarks; these last are taking a new shape which allows them to form a new kind of electrons. I am sure that manufacturers of electronics are finding difficulties to build their electronic equipments and this is because of the bigger size of electrons which makes data breaking easily.

The last of monitochs’ function is to generate photons inside the solar system; the increase of photons inside the solar system will make it warming fast, because monitochs are photons supporters due to their energy donation; the suns’ heat is increasing day after day and the result of this situation is the increase of temperature on planet earth.

Everyday monitochs are doing their work by excellence and this is what building proofs to my discovery to Higgs boson. I am sure that the world will discover the truth of Higgs boson story very soon, and by then I will come back with more posts concerning monitochs.

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