Sunday, 28 February 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (67)

Higgs boson magnetism (67) is about the construction of one line of acoustic waves; this line has two ends; the first one starts at planet earth and the second one starts at the bottom of universe one. Higgs boson magnetism has a main role which is to connect acoustically our universe with the first universe; and this connection’s aim is to build a completed Higgs bosom magnetic field based on vibrations and which is equal to (24π) and these (π)s are simply representing (6) universes with another (6) anti universes and because each universe and each anti universe has a formation of (2π) which is Higgs boson magnetic field that makes the total of (24π). I can say that the theory of everything field is equal to (24π) which is vibrating to put this theory at work.

Higgs boson acoustic waves can’t move from (A) point to (B) point without Higgs boson magnetism, so this last makes Higgs boson acoustic waves moving from planet earth to all around our universe then through the (5) existing black holes between the (6) universes. Higgs boson magnetism has backward sense from universe (1) to our universe which is universe six and to make this last acoustic sinusoidal waves higher until achieving the fifth universe acoustic sinusoidal waves; and once achieving this stage our universe starts emptying itself inside the fifth universe.

Higgs boson magnetism has a double role; the first role is to carry acoustic sinusoidal waves and the second is to carry particles sinusoidal waves; the magical process starts when these two sinusoidal waves got incorporated to each other. The connection of the acoustic sinusoidal waves and the particles sinusoidal waves makes bigger particles decaying and these particles could have the size of the sun or even bigger.

Higgs boson magnetic acceleration has to be included to this post because it has a huge influence on both of Higgs boson sinusoidal waves; Higgs boson acoustic waves and Higgs boson particles waves; as we already know that the manipulation of these last is easy and its made through the manipulation of Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and they have a significant impact on the acceleration of Higgs boson acoustic sinusoidal waves by making them faster to penetrate any matter or antimatter and the result of this process is a faster decay to particles.

My conclusion to this post is to remind you of one of the results of Higgs boson magnetism which is trees; Higgs boson magnetism could be seen in trees’ trunks which are splitting day after day.   
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