Saturday, 13 February 2016

Higgs Boson is The Solution to Zika Virus (03)

Soustraction is the key to resolve the problem of Zika virus around the world because the vaccine which I am proposing is based on it; once majorana fermions are inside human body their mechanism is to substitute unnatural organisms such as viruses and bacteria, and they are capable of distinguishing between exotic particles and normal ones, and their interaction with exotic particles makes these last ones decayed and extracted from human body.

Majorana fermions soustraction to Zika virus from human body is based on (-1, +1); and the first part of this soustraction which is (-1) is to regulate the construction of subatomic particles inside Zika virus atoms; simply majorana fermions recognize the subnormal building of genes to interact with them and give them back their normal constitution, and due to these interaction a high fever is assisted within (24) hours in human body and it gets relieved after this period.

The other part of soustraction which is (+1) is represented in some extra particles inside the virus itself and this is what makes it deformed and results to it’s death. Human body recognizes the extra dead organisms to eject them through the renal organs.

My willing to introduce the vaccine which I produced to cure Zika virus infection is born from a high confidence due to my long years of experiments on Higgs boson and also my excellent manipulation to Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), so my production to majorana fermions is just an easy process which has great results. I would like to insist to be recognized as the fabricator of the vaccine against Zika virus.

Now rest to me to make a straight call to those affected people with Zika virus to come forward to me by contacting me by e-mail and take initiation to volunteer to have a doze of the proposed vaccine. I think that my solution to Zika virus is imminent to be introduced before is too late.

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