Thursday, 11 February 2016

Higgs Boson is The Solution to Zika Virus (02)

My inspiration is telling me to address an important message to the world scientist communities; this message is about the real new conditions in which our planet earth is living. I already explained that exotic particles are generating and this is what will result to the formation of many creatures such as viruses, bacteria and insects; some of these creatures are very harmful to human beings.

The importance of my words is witnessing a moment of revolution inside biological bodies due to Higgs boson experiments; and these experiments are still ignored by professionals in all sciences. I think that the arrogance and the ignorance of so many people on planet earth are the real causes of the deterioration of life in many areas and especially in health, and the proof of this deterioration is the spreading of Zika virus around the world.

My words are witnessing that I am the only standing man on planet earth who is offering a vaccine against an exotic virus and I am sure that pharmaceutical researchers are still very far to reach a real remedy to this virus simply because it’s composition is so complicated and nothing can stop it except majorana fermions which are the base of the vaccine which I am proposing. My question is why aren’t you taking action now to try my vaccine to stop Zika virus?

I am pushing the red bottom to rise awareness in the world concerning Zika virus because it’s development is just at it’s beginning and it’s spreading will arrive to the four corners of planet earth, and make sure that no one country is safe from it’s danger of killing human being. Some people are suggesting that (6) millions people will be infected by Zika virus in 2016, but what I am saying is that the number of infections by this virus in this year will be very far high to achieve up to one billion if only my proposed vaccine will not be used immediately.

To end this post I would like to make a call to all health authorities to contact me in order to receive a doze of my invented vaccine against Zika virus to make a trial of it and then decide if I am right or not.
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