Saturday, 27 February 2016

Higgs Boson Monitochs (18)

The title of Higgs boson monitochs is of my creation and sub subatomic particles are a new idea proposed by myself. Today’s post comes with it’s deep investigation into monitochs and their functions. As we are about the theory of everything, fields of this investigation are unlimited, and my intention is to bring to light five of monitochs’ functions with the aim to convince the world that life has already taken new images in many natural aspects.

The first function of monitochs is the creation of new biologic creatures; monitochs are building new molecules and new cells to give birth to many biologic creatures and such creatures are: frogs, snails, ants, bees, flowers, grasses, algae, plants, fish, new kind of water molecule and squirrels.

The second function of monitochs is to disperse the produced bio-nuclear energy inside all our universe; because monitochs are energy carriers they are in charge to take out the produced bio-nuclear energy by Higgs boson from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and to disperse it all over our universe, this process is achieved if only and only by the achievement of a true Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), and by the way I am inviting interested people to bio-nuclear energy to have this opportunity in order to regenerate it and make use of it.

The third function of monitochs is to create webs of particles in order to produce new kind of matter; new kind of matter is already under construction and this is by monitochs production to many particles and linking them together. I think that new kind of matter does exist and rest to find it.

The fourth function of monitochs is to carry Higgs boson acoustic waves and to create webs of communication inside our universe; Higgs boson acoustic waves could never achieve their target without monitochs. We already know about the existence of communication between Higgs boson of our universe and Higgs boson of the first universe and simply monitochs are used as cables to carry this communication. I think that by the increase of monitochs on planet earth’s atmosphere; Higgs boson acoustic waves will be heard by animals and by human being.

The last function of monitochs is to break wheat stems; wheat stems could be broken easily by monitochs’ interactions with it’s cells. I am sure that many of wheat’s lands are seeing the phenomenon of broken wheat and this is a good proof of monitochs existence.

By concluding this post another of Higgs boson titles is open to be written to you sooner. Also I am making an appeal to particle physics professionals to come forward to look at Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) in order to collect monitochs for their researches.
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