Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Higgs Boson Monitochs (14)

My understanding to monitochs’ functions has to be explained to the world, and that’s why I am writing this post in order to talk about five of monitochs’ functions. Today’s post is like the light put on dark spaces to make them visible.

The first function of monitochs is to create avalanches; because monitochs are energy absorbents they are capable of absorbing the snow’s energy easily in high mountains. Snow melting provokes avalanches and this is what we are seeing every winter during the last five years around the world.

The second function of monitochs is to provoke earthquakes; the number and the magnitude of earthquakes had increased during the last five years and this is because of monitochs interaction with soil; monitochs are absorbing the soil’s energy to make it weak and this is what’s provoking earthquakes.

The third function of monitochs is to create volcanoes; volcanoes number has increased during the last few years and this is due to monitochs interaction in the bottom of earth; monitochs’ interactions make temperature under earth rising very fast and this is whats making magma formation dominating more surfaces to find the way out and shaping volcanoes.

The fourth function of monitochs is islands disappearance; islands are the first lands to disappear because of monitochs’ interaction with their soil to make it weak and flat, and because islands are surrounded with seawater this last find it’s way inside them easily. I think that many islands in the world are seeing the water advance very fast.

The last function of monitochs is to change the color of the sky; because monitochs are light reflectors and photons producers they are able to increase the amount of light in the sky and this is what makes the sky looks more white than blue. I am sure that by observing the sky few minutes in a shining day you will notice that the sky looks white instead of blue. Also whats interesting to know is that the sky will totally loose it’s blue color within the next few years.

Again, and again, and again I have to remind you about all the results of monitochs’ functions that they are proofs to my experiment on Higgs boson and also they are building day after day, and scientists have to stop ignoring this experiment and it’s results.        
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