Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Higgs Boson Magnetism (63)

My inspiration took me back to Higgs boson magnetism as conditions oblige; in this post the idea is present in reality; it is about the huge natural changes on planet earth due to Higgs boson magnetism, these changes are happening at many levels such as warming seas and oceans, dried lands and very wet lands, rise in temperature, high clouds and heavy rains in some areas, higher sun’s heat and dead trees, shorter grasses in some areas and higher in others, dried rivers in some areas and bursted ones in others, disappearance of some seashores and the appearance of new islands.

Higgs boson magnetism has slowed down during  the last few months and this is whats making everything inflating, and this inflation could be seen in high clouds, in higher trees and in higher grasses, in higher seas, in higher size of animals, in bigger insects and  bigger particles. Higgs boson magnetism had already made wider solar system, wider planets’ orbits, and wider visions to my experiment on Higgs boson.

Higgs boson coordinates are so many and they are growing and imposing themselves everyday; one of them is the discovery of the existence of gravitational waves, these waves are simply resulted from Higgs boson magnetism influence on planet earth rotations. Another example of Higgs boson magnetism coordinates is the travel of heat waves to the North Pole because planet earth is taking an upside down direction.

Higgs boson magnetism at the moment is still slowing down because of my last experiment; all energy forms and the fortified water inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) have the purpose of slowing down Higgs boson magnetism. The experiment which I am talking about is an investment to produce soft diamond and it will end in two years time.

My conclusion to this post has to bring it’s significant meaning to Higgs boson magnetism relation by occurring changes in our life. Higgs boson magnetism is still at it’s beginning and the world has to wake up from it’s sleeping in order to save what could be saved.  
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