Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Higgs Boson Monitochs (08)

Again here I am to show and explain more of monitochs’ functions; the aim of this post is to bring a full understanding to the occurring changes in our universe, this understanding is simply a reflection to reality, and what scientists of the world need to focus on in order to realize how far Higgs boson discoverer went in the researches in particle physics, biology and chemistry. I think by exposing five of monitochs’ functions our subject will be completed.

The first function of monitochs which I am interested to talk about is the creation of exotic particles; because we are living in an era of inflation monitochs are finding the right conditions to give birth to exotic particles. Particles are becoming bigger and bigger and particles of this kind are already discovered by scientists of particle physics.

The second function of monitochs is to participate in the inflation of our universe; as we already know that the occurring inflation in our universe has many causes such as the slowdown of Higgs boson magnetism, the increase in the soustraction formula from (-1, +1) to (-2, +2) and also the increase of heat in our universe. Monitochs make particles bigger to occupy larger space to push our universe to get bigger and having larger space.

The third function of monitochs is the destruction of masses such as trees, mountains and even biological bodies; this destruction is based on the first part of soustraction formula which is (-1). Monitochs can interact with the lowest energy form which is energy form (3) to break it into pieces and making it loosing it’s shape. Examples of this destruction of masses by monitoch are so many such as sinkholes, falling mountains, ice melting, dead fish, dead trees, stars vanishing and planets cracking.

The fourth function of monitochs is the total change in chemical formation; monitochs have the ability to change the formation of subatomic particles and this is through the increase of their number inside these last. Once quarks are formed in a new shape; electrons, protons and neutrons also take a new shape to produce new forms of atoms and the result is new kind of chemicals. I think that this result of new chemicals could be seen inside the honey’s bees which is taking different colours never seen before 2013.

The last function of monitochs is represented in the second part of soustraction’s formula which is (+1); monitochs are energy absorbents and they are also energy givers and this means that they are capable of constructing mass. I am sure that this last function could be seen inside the ejected fluff by sea waves; this fluff started to appear on seashores just during the last (3) years.

Finally; all what it has been said about monitochs is real and true and contain good proofs of my discovery to Higgs boson and my experiments on it, and rest to you to take positive action by sharing this post.

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