Thursday, 18 February 2016

Higgs Boson Monitochs (15)

Higgs boson monitochs’ functions are almost unlimited and their building is still at work. In this post I am interested to talk about five of monitochs’ function in order to explain to the world that my experiment on Higgs boson is real and efficient to make a total change in natural phenomena on planet earth and in our universe.

The first function of monitochs is to support algae to grow to it’s maximum; algae is one of the easiest grasses to grow in water, and with the increase of monitochs in water algae is finding the perfect conditions to explode. I think that algae is growing very fast to occupy many huge areas around the world.

The second function of monitochs is to create new kinds of grasses; monitochs are sophisticated fabricators of minuscule particles, and these last could be the roots to many never seen grasses. I think that the world is seeing the growth of many new grasses.

The third function of monitochs is to build new genes to give birth to new insects’ eggs; many kinds of insects are developing in many countries and this is due to monitochs’ combination of new genes to form.

The fourth function of monitochs is to participate in the trees development; because monitochs are energy givers so they help trees to grow very fast. Nobody can ignore that trees are taking bigger and higher shape.

The last function of monitochs is to inflate our universe; because monitochs are energy absorbents they are capable of decaying any matter to it’s lowest energy form and this is what makes particles occupying more space in our universe. The combination of the increase of smaller energies and Higgs boson magnetism makes our universe widening to achieve the level of the fifth universe’s shape. I think that the inflation of our universe has it’s maximum which is the universe five shape, and this is when our universe starts to integrate into this last, and this means that our universe will be emptied to it’s last particle.

Finally; monitochs’ functions are so many and more of them will be explained in future posts.
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