Saturday, 4 March 2017

Announcement (107)

47% of the decayed particles are easy and simple to decay by Higgs boson magnetism because they represent gases in our universe and the rest of particles could be decayed by the increase of their rotations speed and such particles are: 

hadrons, neutrons, protons, and electrons, and the last kind of particles which could be decayed by the use of Higgs boson sonors or vibrational waves are sub subtomic particles such as majorana fermions, glue balls and quarks. The process of the decay to particles is to turn everything to it's first source which is monitochs or equal particles in masses. In this announcement I love to talk about particles decay as a result of Higgs boson experiment.

Here I am bringing few proofs of the decay of masses on earth; the occurrence of unprecedented number of avalanches is simply an image of the decay of ice due to Higgs boson magnetism penetration inside it to provoke holes then avalanches. Sinkholes also are good proof of the decay of soil particles; soil is becoming soft and more flat to finish by creating sinkholes; and this soil decay is made by Higgs boson magnetism vibration to it's particles, and the increase of earthquakes shouldn't be underestimated because Higgs boson magnetism effects are so many inside the bottom of earth and these effects are: the allowance of gases to escape from the bottom of earth such as methane, the increase of chemicals interaction inside the bottom of earth to make it flat due to the creation of softer areas to facilitate earthquakes to occur and the displacement of huge areas the size of India makes earthquakes imminent to occur. I think that due to the decay of masses on earth catastrophes will be a daily events around the world.

There are also many kinds of decay to masses such as the decay of molecules which could be seen in many scenes; I think that wood is the most vulnerable to decay fast and it's causes of decaying are so many such as higher temperature, strong frost and Higgs boson magnetism knocking out the electrons of it's cells' atoms, corrosion is at it's highest levels due to the abundance of water and the increase of the sun's heat. I should add the decay of trees' trunks due to the loss of many chemicals of their cells.

My ending to this post is by adding another cause of masses decaying; the sent sonors waves by Higgs boson of the first universe have a huge impact on everything decay and this is because of these waves size which is ten times bigger than the sonors of Higgs boson of planet earth. 
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