Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Announcement (103)

When I said bio-nuclear energy in a meeting with high placed people in ministry of energy my talk was underestimated and I went back home empty handed; the 
understanding of bio-nuclear energy must be linked to the understanding of many 

mechanisms in particle physics and Higgs boson mechanism is the main mechanism to understand, so the disappointment wasn't hurting because humans haven't got enough knowledge about Higgs boson, Higgs boson mechanism nor bio-nuclear energy.

The hunting process which I am about will finish by convincing good reasonable people to be satisfied by the possibility of investing in turning an open Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECS) into a closed one in order to come up with a unique energy for the benefit of humanity instead of adding it to Higgs boson magnetic field strength of inclusion of connection of more particles and even time particles to it's existing connections. Within this matter Higgs boson is swallowing billions of particles in an hour to activate more masses in it's process of magnetism.

The information in this paragraph is added in order to bring satisfaction; the deluged particles inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECS) are well managed by Higgs boson through it's quality of preference of swallowing; molecules are the first to be decayed into chemicals and these last are next to decay into subatomic particles, and in both cases energy addition to the webs of the integrated particles into Higgs boson magnetic particles waves is a (+1, +1) formula; and this formula is simple to understand and its a formula of satisfaction; this formula could be seen in all physical phenomena without doubt. A good example of this formula is understood in the sun's heat; this last is built on (+1, +1) unit of energy.

Also I have to add another element of satisfaction to bio-nuclear energy which is the surrender of all particles to Higgs boson inhalation; because all particles are trapped inside a vicious circle of accelerated rotations they have no strength to resist to it's power of pulling to finish inside Higgs boson mouth to be blended into subatomic particles; the explanation of this process has to be applied to an open system where all particles travel to the bottom of the first universe is an obligation.

Again my inspiration here is able to go into the deepest points of bio-nuclear energy production to detect the tinniest mechanisms inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECS) and one of them is the saturation of all particles which leads to the creation of a soft strip made of carbon atoms built on a perfect diamond molecule; so this saturation of particles represents the total of the integrated bio-nuclear energy to shape Higgs boson magnetism.
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