Friday, 10 March 2017

Announcement (113)

The correlation of weather space and the death of fish in the sea must be understood to conclude that Higgs boson experiment effects on everything is at process. In this announcement I am willing to talk about five causes of the death of fish in seas, rivers and lakes.

The first cause of fish death is higher level of sulphur on earth; we already know that sulphur is the first chemical to be freed in the atmosphere because of Higgs boson magnetism decaying to soil; sulphur has many ways to be spread and to mix with water and contaminating it; and this is what provokes death to fish.

The second cause of fish death is methane spilling from the bottom of earth; methane escapes from soil is at dramatic increase and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism destabilization to soil; fissures inside earth are getting larger and larger to allow methane spreading inside seawater to kill fish. Also permafrost is at it's highest levels ever to make methane occupying more space in the atmosphere and mixing with rain water to poison fish inside rivers and lakes. I think that the escape of methane from the bottom of earth is making many living organisms having difficulties to breath to finish by dying.

The third cause of fish death is waters warming on planet earth; waters are warming to deprive fish from oxygen because the more water is warm the less oxygen inside it. The temperature is rising on planet earth because of Higgs boson experiment speeding up all mechanisms in our universe; and such mechanisms are: chemicals interactions increase, Higgs boson magnetism decay to particles, the sun's heat increase because of it's higher number of intense storms, alpha particles acrobats in the atmosphere and water less density because of Higgs boson magnetism decay to molecules and particles inside it.

The fourth cause of fish death is higher level of stress; fish is getting stressed because of the change of the ecosystem because of higher temperature, dead sea weed, the change in seawater chemicals such as less sodium and other minerals, the increase of calcite particles in seawater, stronger sea current and higher rain acids. I think that many living organisms are under higher stress and this is what makes their death imminent.

The last cause of fish death is ice melting; both poles are adding to seawater huge amounts of mild water to change it's composition, also higher running rivers and heavy rain are participating in this process to confuse many kind of fish in which area to settle; simply fish finish by dying.
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