Friday, 17 March 2017

Announcement (120)

Things are getting worse and budgets are increasing day after day to fix the made damages by the water molecule; humanity is becoming poorer and poorer by the sudden calamities provoked by heavy rain, heavy snow, floods, earthquakes, damage to agricultural products, viruses infections and wild fires. In this announcement my words are forwarded to the governments of the world to find good advisers to their decisions of how to deal with Higgs boson experiment effects on planet earth.

My imagination to the worse is becoming reality as the water molecule is at increase on planet earth and many lands are submerging under it; and this process is fastening and winning time to leave humanity vision of how to face it behind. My previsions to a world under water were announced long time ago and unfortunately these previsions are still marginalized to the extreme because humans' thinking is still narrowed by ignorance and by arrogance, and the shocking thing is that my proofs to Higgs boson discovery are very convincing but not taken seriously.

The governments of the world will be incapable to fix what it has been decayed by Higgs boson magnetism and running away from what will be decayed will be the only solution to leave behind poverty, damage, misery, inundated lands, food shortness, broken legs and an image of shock; all this because of a suspended discovery in particle physics; a discovery which is imposing it's rules in our universe.

I am not blaming anyone on earth except my blame is on CERN's scientists because they are the first responsible of all the made damage by Higgs boson experiment. CERN's scientists are still ignoring my talk and any complain about Higgs boson experiment in the future have to be put on them, and any guilt of the damage on earth should be put on CERN's scientists. I am stating these words to say to the world that I am an innocent man who is fighting for his rights of discovery.

To end this post I must say that my talk should be estimated by all scientific communities in the world and this is for their interest to save their reputation as scientists otherwise all the blame will be on them by future generations, and history will witness against them for their failure of not cooperating with Higgs boson discoverer, so please be responsible and face reality as it is because there is no escape from it.   
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