Saturday, 11 March 2017

Announcement (114)

I think that the subject of the causes of the death of fish has to be continued in this announcement because its bringing with it good proofs to Higgs boson experiment. The talk about five causes of the death of fish in seas, rivers and lakes is the subject of this post.

Small size volcanoes eruption in the bottom of the sea is causing huge change in the temperature of seawater and it's chemicals composition, and this is whats leading fish to die. Higgs boson magnetism is the main cause to volcanoes to generate because of the increase in temperature in the bottom of earth, and it has three effects on soil particles by speeding their rotations, decaying them and creating cracks and breaks.

The growth of parasites in rivers, lakes and seawater is at it's beginning, and this growth is due to the rise of temperature, higher rain acids, molecules decomposition, Higgs boson magnetism reversing to DNA and the increase of alpha particles on earth. I think that the cited conditions are leading to parasites, bacteria and viruses to grow very fast and competing fish in food consummation, and the more less food in water the more dead fish.

Fish advance to seashores is becoming a difficult task because of continents coasts erosion; intense storms are ravaging coasts to pollute them with many debris such as soil particles, sewage waists and many other kind of debris. Fish is deprived from food because of it's escape from dirty coasts.

Higher tides are also playing a serious role in fish death because high tides are becoming higher and this means a destabilization to seas' ecosystem by the change of temperature, bleaching to sea coasts and the change in the growth of living organisms; this situation is the creator to total confusion in fish life and this is what provokes death.

The death of fish is also provoked by Higgs boson magnetic sonors waves; these last are more effective in water and their vibrations are very annoying to fish and this is what creates a situation of unsupported life. Simply Higgs boson magnetic sonors waves are a good tool to extinct all fish.  

I hope I will be back with more causes of fish death on planet earth; because the world has no escape from this phenomenon which is at very fast process.
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