Thursday, 16 March 2017

Announcement (119)

Inspirational ideas never come without a strong belief, but ideas are here and there and the question is; are they consistent or not? Never mind!! Here I am to feed your brain with five superb ideas concerning the new era of life.

I am sure that quarks behavior is an unprecedented idea in particle physics; quarks behavior idea is born from Higgs boson experiment inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); quarks leaving to this system have the power to unleash a revolution inside the global weather system by creating winds and depressions to change the weather in it's four seasons. I think that the idea of quarks behavior should be studied deeply and taken by particle physics communities seriously.

Another idea which is also unique is quarks submission; quarks submission is a well managed process which is guided by Higgs boson experiment, I think that the idea here is to manipulate clouds direction. The time and  Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) setting are chosen in order to control clouds through the use of quarks power of pulling to particles in the atmosphere.

I would like to add a third idea which is Higgs boson magnetism creation; how come that someone is talking about Higgs boson discovery and can't put it at work to create it's magnetism? The idea here is about Higgs boson as an engine to switch on; and to do so the solution is to have the knowledge of all components which are participating in the building of Higgs boson, Higgs boson magnetism and all other energies which can make Higgs boson switched on; I think that most of the posts in this blog are about the idea of the creation of Higgs boson magnetism.

I should remind you about the idea of a true Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); this last is 100% helium catcher and it's achievement could never happen without Higgs boson inside it; and that's why this idea is the first in history and the people whom are still investing their time and their money to build a true Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) should wake up and take this idea seriously.

To finish this post I love to add a last idea which is clouds accumulation; clouds could be accumulated to their maximum by the control of the energies' levels inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs), the higher energies are the more accumulation to clouds; and this process could be managed through the management of the speed of clouds, and the secret of this idea is the level of the submitted quarks in the atmosphere.
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