Monday, 6 March 2017

Announcement (109)

Higgs boson insurrections are made to give lessons to humanity for it's ignorance to a discovery in particle physics; this discovery was made by a little man accidentally, and with luck this man showed to the world his capabilities of proving it. In this 

announcement a talk about few of Higgs boson insurrections is a wise idea to remind those ignorant to Higgs boson experiment that they are under attack by the change of everything surrounding them.

The rise in temperature on planet earth will be in records breaking month after month and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism decay to particles, the speed of particles' rotations, the increase in chemicals interactions, the increase in the sun's heat and both poles ice melting. Humanity is already suffering from the rise of temperature, and such suffering could be seen in the increase of avalanches, the increase of moisture, higher levels of humidity, air pollution and huge waist of agricultural products.

Another insurrection which is made by Higgs boson is heavy rain; the amount of rain in many areas in the world is at it's highest levels ever, and this records breaking of rain are not coming from nothing but they are the result of well managed clouds movements made by Higgs boson magnetism. Higgs boson magnetism is able to manipulate clouds and to make them condensate at very high level to produce intense precipitation.

I shouldn't forget strong winds which are becoming daily phenomenon; these winds are created by quarks submission to lead to huge depressions. Strong winds damage is inevitable and is making breaking news almost everyday.

Volcanoes' eruption is making headlines in news media and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism effects on the bottom of earth are at constant increase and such effects are: the increase of gases combustion, chemicals interactions which are increasing temperature on earth, soil decay participation in the increase of magma, soil decaying opening roots to magma to flow, the increase of earthquakes helping magma to find it's way to the surface of earth, Higgs boson magnetism destabilization to soil and monitochs increase in the bottom of earth creating holes with their rotations' speed.

Finally; Higgs boson insurrections shouldn't be underestimated because their effects on planet earth are unlimited and humanity should wake up now better than later.   
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