Sunday, 5 March 2017

Announcement (108)

In this announcement I am willing to talk about glue balls as subatomic particles as key players in the formation of matter; glue balls existence is in everything even in subatomic particles themselves because any little dot is formed of (3) particles to build a (π) shape; and this means that any free subatomic particle doesn't exist without it's link to (2) other particles; and this link is made of glue balls; and this means that any matter contains at least (6) subatomic particles. The figure below is showing the smallest dot in any matter with the presence of (3) glue balls.

Glue balls qualities are innumerable and one of them is glue balls availability each time needed to link any subatomic particle and by this I recon that the total of glue balls is equal to the total of all existing particles in our universe; because each particle is in need to one glue ball to be linked to another one. What is interesting to know is that glue balls could be linked to each other to condensate inside a closed Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) and the picture below is a proof of this statement.

Picture showing glue balls condensation inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs)

I would like to add another quality of glue balls which is glue balls interaction with all kind of matter; glue balls are able to attach to any surface of any matter and this is through their quality of gluing two particles without changing their composition. The fact of gluing by glue balls could be seen in the figure below.

Glue balls are also capable of attaching big masses and this is through their quality of condensation to bigger size; I think that all big masses are attached through this quality of glue balls; and this means that glue balls are able to attach to each other in order to link huge masses such as planet earth, and the figure below is showing this quality of glue balls.

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