Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Announcement (118)

The sponsors of Higgs boson are not premature yet, and their contract is not signed yet; so Higgs boson discoverer is the only person who is supporting Higgs boson as the master of all particles on earth. In this announcement I am finding my self pushing some interested people to Higgs boson subject to open their wallets and to be generous by buying a small window for their advertisement within this blog, and the matter here is not about money but its about conviction of a discovery.

The sponsors whom I am looking for are people with logos, companies with signs and professionals wanting further recognition by the readers of this blog. I think that by advertising in this blog a recognition to Higgs boson discoverer will be succeeded, and valuable achievements will be set to shut the mouth of those criticizing my style of life because their thinking of making money is still primitive.

The sponsors whom I am looking for are well known people adding their picture to this blog to show support to Higgs boson discovery and to influence the rest of the world that they are convinced by at least one sentence of truth which has been said in this blog and I am sure that there are more than thousands of sentences of truth in this blog. These sponsors are the source of triumph to Higgs boson discovery.

I think that Higgs boson discoverer deserves to shake good hands; hands of conviction to his achievements in particle physics, in chemistry, in biology, in writing and in ideas revelation. And here I have to assure these sponsors that they are shaking a hand of a man who believes in success and in renovation, a man who is leading the world in the new era of life where Higgs boson has the last word.

My writing to this post is also built on a deep vision which is showing billions of people will come to this blog and looking at it's words one by one; so the opportunity to show what you want in a small window is an opportunity not to be missed.

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