Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Announcement (111)

My intention to write this announcement is to bring out few ideas from the shadow to light in order to make a better understanding to the change of natural phenomena on planet earth; these ideas are born due to Higgs boson experiment results.

The widening of planet earth orbit is a real fact made by Higgs boson magnetism pulling to planet earth to take wider direction and this is what will affect time on planet earth by making it longer; so I imagine that a year on earth will gain gradually hours, days and so on. The widening of planet earth orbit has huge impact on seasons, on plant growth, on humans, on animals and on all living organisms because earth is entering to a space which is not it's space; so the change in chemicals formation is a must and this is what will lead to a total change of life.

One of the most provocators to the increase of temperature on planet earth is the sun's heat spreading inside the solar system; this sun's heat spreading is made by Higgs boson magnetism pulling to the sun's energy to create huge storms capable of achieving up to 6000000 Km in space and this means that planets such as Uranus is under threat of melting due to the very high absorbed heat from these storms. Also planet earth will not be spared from intense heat and the damage will be inevitable.

Light rain is also one of Higgs boson experiment effects which should be looked at with attention; light rain is becoming more frequent because of less condensation in clouds and it's participation in metal corrosion is so huge; metals are suffering from being wet and dry so many times withing few hours and by this metals are assisting the highest levels of corrosion ever. I have to say that light rain is also affecting living organisms such as trees' leaves, fruits, vegetables, wood and buildings' paint.

My hypothesis to monitochs is true and real and it has all supporting evidences; what could be seen in the atmosphere is auroras made of pillars; and these pillars could never have shape without monitochs intensity. As we already know that monitochs are the products of the decay of subatomic particles; the increase of the decayed particles means the increase of monitochs, and the increase of monitochs means the increase of the decay of particles until when there will be no bigger particles than monitochs and here where inflation of our universe will achieve it's maximum to start emptying all monitochs inside universe five.
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