Thursday, 9 March 2017

Announcement (112)

Particles' condensation was made by Higgs boson magnetism at the beginning of the construction of our universe; because Higgs boson magnetism wasn't a puller but contrarily it was a pusher; and this means that particles were ejected to take a 

forwards direction to accumulate and form planets and stars, and what its noticeable is that Higgs boson breaking process is the creator to many needed particles such as glue balls, majorana fermions and quarks otherwise the condensation of our universe could never happen.

The condensation of planets was made by Higgs boson synchronization to particles' movement and planet earth had the great chance of this synchronization to set all chemicals in the right position to create life; and this set of chemicals was a perfect preparation to human beings where to settle. A good example to the perfect synchronization of planet earth particles is in it's distance between it and the sun because the absorbed energy by planet earth from the sun is measured at one of a billion of perfection.

The law of preference is chosen by Higgs boson magnetism to carry particles and placing them depending on their level of energy for example the water molecule has existed from the beginning of the construction of our universe and most of it was placed in few planets and because of the power of pushing of Higgs boson magnetism the water molecule had special places where to condensate and such places are planet earth, Uranus and Neptune.

The condensation of particles inside Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs) has showed us that sulphur is the first chemical to condensate and this means that sulphur was the last chemical to condensate at the beginning of our universe construction. I think that the hypothesis above is built on real experiment, also sulphur atom number of electrons can reveal to us the perfection of the closing of any particles' ring; so the closing of all particles' rings in our universe was made by sulphur atom addition and that's why the opening of these rings must be done by the 
soustraction of the sulphur atom.

I have to recon that the total of electrons of one water molecule plus one sulphur 
atom is equal to (26), and (26) is a closed number; and this means that by the water molecule extraction the interaction of sulphur sulphur is an obligation because the equality of energies is made by preference to interact, and a good example of this accumulation is planet Mars.
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