Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Announcement (102)

To understand bio-nuclear energy is to look at the sun's light rays continuity; and this continuity of light rays is made of subatomic particles such as photons, phonons, anti particles, omega rays, beta rays, alpha particles and other unknown subatomic 

particles. In this announcement I am interested to talk about bio-nuclear energy as a whole block inside our universe, and this block has a continuous connection similarly to the sun's light rays, and here I have to raise many questions such as why, where, how, when and who made bio-nuclear energy possible subject to talk about.

Curiosity about bio-nuclear energy connectivity has to come up in order to show it's reality; its obvious that lines of subatomic particles building webs are connected from a single particle inside Higgs boson to the whole universe; and just one oscillation by Higgs boson to one subatomic particle leads to the oscillation of the whole particles' webs and that's why its called bio-nuclear energy otherwise our subject has no space to occupy. At this point I have to say that bio-nuclear energy kick start is created by Higgs boson; because as we already know that Higgs boson is the only particle which is able to oscillate particles. Also the cited particles in the last post are the participants particles in the process of oscillation, and this means that soustraction formula of (+1, +1) has to be applied in order to satisfy the participation of all subatomic particles of the existing webs which are forming our universe, and not only this but also the participation of all existing subatomic particles in the other five universes.

Particles' oscillation is also one of my best discoveries and I am allowing my self to give it further attention because its the whole thing concerning bio-nuclear energy production; I think that Higgs boson can oscillate all kind of particles in one condition and only one condition which is it's excitement; and this excitement means many participating elements such as pressure, particles density surrounding Higgs boson, the speed of the rotation of particles surrounding Higgs boson, how far is the balance of negative charges and positive charges surrounding Higgs boson and the kind of chemicals density surrounding Higgs boson. I think that the cited elements should be looked at deeply in future posts.

I think that the people whom are still looking for Higgs boson are well positioned to understand Higgs boson efficiency in the production of bio-nuclear energy because they are the most informed and knowledgeable people in physical dynamics of energy saving to create just one oscillation of one particle; and that's why I am looking forward to take bio-nuclear energy production to the next level with their cooperation and also to satisfy Higgs boson discovery.

To end this post I must be furious to hangover more ideas concerning the production of bio-nuclear energy in order to click a fair promotion to Higgs boson as the best particle player in all particles players in the game of particle physics.  
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