Friday, 10 February 2017

Announcement (85)

My intention in this announcement is to remind you about five of Higgs boson effects on planet earth; these effects occurrence should be shared around the world to make everybody ready to their challenges because humanity has to be aware about whats going on earth, also all governments in the world have to be organised to face these challenges.

Fog must be added as a key player in the new era of life because it has serious impact on people life; fog is a cutter of visibility to provoke roads accidents, planes accidents, trains accidents and slower traffic. Fog can cover very big areas such as all North India and (1/3) of China, and it can persist for very long time. Fog is becoming very dense because of the abundance of water on planet earth.

Frost of the new era of life is more destructive to solids and it has higher
level due to Higgs boson experiment, frost is covering very long distances and it's life is becoming longer; it's impact of destruction to wood, metal and soil is creating true challenges to humanity. Higgs boson experiment has created good conditions to frost to build and these conditions are: abundance of water in the atmosphere, vortices breaking, cold winds travel further south and water extraction from plants and soil.

Lighter atmosphere is also a result of Higgs boson experiment; planet earth atmosphere is becoming lighter, lighter and lighter and this is because of Higgs boson magnetism pulling to particles higher and higher. Lighter atmosphere allows clouds to travel very high, allows the sun's heat to penetrate into earth and allows molecule and chemicals decaying easily.

One sense exit hole is made by Higgs boson magnetism inside the Ozone strip to allow planet earth particles leaving it and to become part of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves; and this is how planet earth is loosing it's mass; particles can escape from this hole because they are pulled into it. I think that the hole which I am talking about is growing and it will be seen somewhere in the North pacific.

The last effect which is made by Higgs boson experiment is meteors; meteors fall on earth will increase because of many causes such as the change of planet earth orbit which is becoming wider, the increase of meteors in space because of Higgs boson magnetism detaching them from other planets and less dense atmosphere allowing the penetration of meteors easily.
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