Saturday, 25 February 2017

Announcement (99)

I am seeing things changing on planet earth such as thunderstorms in the month of February in America, Avalanches occurrence in Iceland records breaking of wind speed in the UK, daily floods around the world, record breaking of temperature in Australia, and many other unusual natural phenomena. The list of assessment of the change in the world is so long, and I am accusing Higgs boson experiment as the first cause to this change.

Higgs boson experiment is the first source to winds to be stronger, to floods occurrence in South Africa, to tens of meters of snow accumulation in Japan, to high clouds condensation on Afghanistan, to rivers to run very high in California, to heavy rain in the hottest desert in the world, to seas invasion to land, to unprecedented fires in Chile, to higher earthquakes magnitude and the increase of natural catastrophes as they never did. I think that the bill is rising day after day and humanity is loosing the battle against Higgs boson experiment effects on earth sooner or later.

What I am bringing in this post is just the truth of the cause of the change in the global weather system; this cause is the produced bio-nuclear energy inside an open Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); and because this energy is never made by human beings; its something not understood yet, and I am the first person who is claiming a perfection of production of this kind of energy, and without it all what it has been written in this blog will be just illusions.

My achievement to produce bio-nuclear energy should be rewarded as the best discovery ever simply because the discovery of a living organism capable of destroying atoms is unimaginable, and not only this but also linking this living organism to Higgs boson is another unbelievable discovery. And I should add another discovery which is bio-nuclear energy and Higgs boson magnetism change to our universe direction of rotations is simply an unprecedented idea.

To end this post I think that I have to remind you that Higgs boson is still in live experiment and its adding more connections to it's connections, and this means faster decay to particles to make the change of all matter in our universe faster.
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