Sunday, 12 February 2017

Announcement (87)

Particle physics is a science of observation to particles behavior towards each other; and this means that the matter here is about surface occupation because all masses have to have a space to occupy; and also this means that the empty space doesn't 

exist. In this announcement my interest is with majorana fermions as particles occupants to space; majorana fermions are the tinniest particles and this is what allows them to be present in any available space to occupy it.

Space invasion by majorana fermions is done through Higgs boson magnetism decay to subatomic particles; this physical phenomenon is a must to inflate our universe. I think that soustraction formula should be applied in this situation of inflation of our universe because the (-1) of particles from our universe into universe (5) is replaced by (+1) majorana fermions and this is what leads to a maximum size of our inflated universe full of majorana fermions, this image will be pictured once the emptying of our universe is completed in full from all it's particles.

The question to rise is how come that majorana fermions are able to full fill the created space which is made by particles leaving to our universe? To answer to this question we should look at these (3) conditions; the first condition is that majorana fermions  are under a state of condensation, the second condition is that majorana fermions are able to dilate up to (100) times of their actual state and the last condition is that majorana fermions can feed themselves from all rays to inflate.

Majorana fermions are the greatest holders of the secrets of particle physics because they are the time particles manipulators and this is by replacing the new time particles by older ones inside all matter and anti matter, and that's why I always say that majorana fermions are the locomotives of our universe travel back. I think that planet earth has already traveled few hundreds years back due to majorana fermions occupancy to further space in our universe.

I have to add another unimaginable idea about majorana fermions growth inside our universe; this growth is replicable each time a majorana fermion particle is freed from Bose Einstein Condensate system (BECs); it can give birth to another one; and this means that majorana fermions occupancy to space is at increase all time, also they have the ability to give birth to a new majorana fermion once needed.

Finally; I have to make a call again to whom are interested to look at majorana fermions from close to explore their benefits to humanity.
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