Saturday, 11 February 2017

Announcement (86)

Tanks god for  giving me this opportunity to write more information about Higgs boson effects on planet earth. In this announcement I have to say that the audience 
of this blog is getting bigger and bigger,  and my satisfaction to this audience could 

never happen without the true occurrence of Higgs boson experiment effects in reality. By this occasion the need to talk about five of Higgs boson experiment effects is important to show how far Higgs boson discoverer is gone.

Dead trees is one of Higgs boson experiment effects on planet earth; trees die because of the change in the global weather system; and this change could be seen in the increase of the sun's heat, in the increase of frost level, in the sand storms asphyxiating trees, in the excessive water molecule and in ice storms. I think that a good example of trees death is remarkably seen in Californian trees death.

Quick melting snow is a new phenomenon appearing on planet earth because of Higgs boson experiment; and snow short life is one of the challenges which humanity is facing to increase the level of unexpected floods and avalanches. Snow is melting very fast because of many cited causes in earlier posts.

Frogs fast growth should be added to this post because of their huge appearance in many areas in the world; Higgs boson experiment has created the perfect conditions to frogs to generate their DNA to build again. Many areas in the world are assisting the booming of frogs because of Higgs boson magnetism reversing to DNA frogs and also because of the abundance of water with the combination of higher temperature.

Jelly fish invasion to seas and oceans is a new phenomenon which is made by Higgs boson experiment; many countries are witnessing the booming of jelly fish which has a serious impact on their fishing industry, because jelly fish consummation to the available food in seawater is very high and rest to fish just to immigrate to other areas. The most infected countries by jelly fish invasion for the time being is Japan and China.

I should add the last made effect by Higgs boson experiment on planet earth ice jams; this phenomenon is dramatically increasing because of heat waves invasion to the northern part of planet earth during winter and also because of heavy rain following icy storms. Ice jams are good provocators to floods by their blockage to the normal running of rivers.

To end this post I have to thank god for showing me the right words to complete it's subject.
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