Thursday, 16 February 2017

Announcement (91)

The interactions of chemicals in the new era of life are weak in one hand and long in the other one; and this means that the formation of molecules is having longer time to lead to bigger molecules. In this announcement my interest is with the transition of matter of the present to matter of the past; and this process could be detected in the shape of molecules to complete the image of the new old matter.

I should bring all included elements in the building of the past in reality to prove that all my suggested hypothesis are right, and these elements are: Higgs boson as a solid particle, intensified experiments on Higgs boson, past time particles integration in our universe, Higgs boson magnetism as an engine to move everything from present to past and god's will in this travel towards the past. What I wanted to say is that the transition from present to the past is based on chemicals interactions and on the building of molecules.

Molecules are in their way to deconcentrate to become weak in their link to each other, and also the link of their atoms is passing from higher number of electrons to lower one and this is because of Higgs boson displacement to electrons from their orbitals and knocking some of them out from the atoms; and this is what makes these last changing the whole shape of molecules. In this situation I have to say that subatomic particles are rushing to form new old kind of protons, neutrons and electrons with integrated old time particles to form atoms made in the old eras of life. The new old shape of atoms had already imposed it's presence on planet earth and this is through the formation of new old molecules then to show new old matter.

The travel back of planet earth is different than the travel back of other planets and this is because life does't exist exceptionally on earth; everything was set to human beings to live on earth even when everything will change into the past, human beings will have all physical abilities to adapt with the new old conditions because their physical body has already took a step forward in the integration of time particles of the past and my proof of this statement is in the babies born in the present have higher weight than the weight of the babies born before 2012.

The world has to expect a new life full of water because most molecules will not be able to rebuild again and finish by receding to the water molecule because it will not be possible for most chemicals to reshape again and finish by becoming oxygen and hydrogen. All this will happen because Higgs boson magnetic field wants it to be this way as it was before.   
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