Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Announcement (83)

In this announcement my interest is to show to the world five qualities of Higgs boson which are making it different than any other existing particle; otherwise there will be no competition for the hunt of Higgs boson and there will be no billions invested in technologies to catch it live. And here I should remember you that my investment in Higgs boson is represented in my costs of living and all my time.

Higgs boson is a swallower to particles and this is what makes it a unique particle, Higgs boson can swallow millions of particles in the same time to decay them into lower level of mass; and this swallowing is the first step of the creation of Higgs boson magnetism, also this step is the first step of the creation of Higgs boson magnetic particles waves. I think that the swallowing by Higgs boson to particles is the cause of the creation to Higgs boson sonors and these last are very important tools of communication of Higgs boson of our universe and Higgs boson of the first universe.

Higgs boson has an exceptional quality which is the decay of particles; Higgs boson has special tools inside it such as "Higgs boson Madisons,Higgs boson Harmonium and Higgs boson sectionalism" All these tools have a preferential function which is the decay of bigger masses such as molecules first, then lower masses such as atoms second then subatomic particles such as electrons and neutrons. Without Higgs boson quality of decay to particles there will be no need to talk about Higgs boson.

I came up with "Higgs Boson the Oscillator" post to show that Higgs boson is a creator to oscillations and with these last Higgs boson is a spacial particle; the made oscillations by Higgs boson to particles are the full story of Higgs boson and this is because of their creation to Higgs boson magnetism and the kick start to Higgs boson mechanisms. "Higgs Boson The Oscillator" post must be read and looked at deeply.

My inspiration is telling me to add to Higgs boson qualities the quality of self protection; Higgs boson can protect itself from any danger such as very high or very low temperature, from any kind of rays, from any high or low pressure, from any substitution of it's building matter and from any unknown danger, and thats why my hypothesis is saying that Higgs boson was the first existing particle and it will be the last to be decayed.

The last quality of Higgs boson which is of my interest is soustraction in it's negativity and it's positivity; Higgs boson can substitute any big mass such as our universe and this is by using soustraction formula negativity which is (-1), and it can also use soustraction in it's positive sense which is (+1); so it can add all our universe particles to universe (5) without loosing any energy of it. Also in this context my hypothesis of the travel of our universe back is right.

To end this post I think that Higgs boson qualities are so many and I hope that I will have some time to talk about other ones in the future.
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